The Travelling Essentials of a Millennial

A Young Traveller’s Carry-On Essentials
A Millennials Travelling Essentials

If you’re a skincare junkie like me, who usually packs WAY too many items in your carry-on, this is the blog for you. Here’s a condensed collection of my traveling essentials that you might want to consider next time you’re going on a prolonged adventure or heading abroad. When I’m in the midst of co-ordinating what to pack, I like to think of items in groups – this helps me keep organized, and keep my priorities in check. Here’s a glimpse into my carry-on bag, separated into sections.

Group # 1 – The (Actual) Essentials

This includes the items that as a traveler, I absolutely need to keep my sanity.

  • Intelligent Nutrients Hand Sanitizer– this is a must-have for me. I have no idea who has touched what, and where their hands were before that – which is precisely why this item is possibly my most important bring-a-long item.  It smells gently of botanical goodness, not only killing 99.9% of germs on my hands, but also providing me with a ‘feel-good’ scent (which also makes traveling easier on my psyche).
  • Caboo Pocket Tissues– possibly my second most important item on the list. I never know when things will run amuck – like when all at the same time, my flight suddenly changes and boards sooner than expected, my significant other calls to wish me farewell, and I spill my latte- all within 10 seconds.  Hence, a must-have.
  • 100% Pure Vanilla Hand Cream– with hand sanitizer, comes hand lotion. Though this hand sanitizer is one of my all-time favourites, it slightly strips my hands of hydration so I also carry hand cream.  This one specifically offers incredible nourishment and it absorbs quickly.  It’s also one of the best smelling natural products I’ve ever tried.  I’m a huge fan of vanilla cake scent (normally found only in artificial products), but this cream stands up to the best of them – a true treasure in my 20 years of life.

Group # 2 – The Touch-Ups

For those 5-minute mini-bathroom breaks.  Here are some great items that add quick pizazz to my look.

  • Dr. Hauschka Lip Care Stick this is the best lip balm I’ve ever tried.  It’s light but hydrating, so I can easily wear it under any lip colour to reduce “lip wrinkles” from dried out lips. As a millennial, it’s pretty pricey for a lip balm, but the nourishment it offers is worth every penny.
  • Helena Lane Argan & Neroli MoisturizerDehydration plagues every traveler, and Helena Lane’s products assure maximum hydration. For dry skin, nothing compares to these moisturizers. I often carry this small travel-size tin around so when I notice, for example, a flaky patch of skin on my face, I easily moisturize my problem away. In the winter, I usually put this moisturizer on dry spots around my face before applying makeup, to reduce any mid-day flakiness. It’s THE best.
  • Jane Iredale Lip Plumper, in Montréal– a dark, yet richly nourishing lip colour that serves as a professional look during the day, and easily transitions to a “night on the town” colour in the evening.
  • Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain, in Forever Pink– this is possibly one of my favourite all-around beauty products. Because I’ve raved about this lip stain for years, many of my friends and family are hooked.  The cool thing about this particular product is the colour stain reacts with your body’s chemistry, enhancing your natural colour. This means it can be shared among a group of women, and show up differently on everyone.
  • 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Juicy Lip Gloss, in Pink Grapefruit– this is an affordable, simple lip gloss that offers great performance without breaking the bank, an essential for any millennial.
  • 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Butter, in Peach– much like the lip gloss, this is also a millennial essential due to its versatility and affordability. It works as a tinted lip balm and cheek stain, and is small enough to work its way into anyone’s carry-on as a basic hydrating colour stain.

Group # 3 – The Uplifters

Though these are not essentials, they definitely help me subside negative energy and keep my mood in check.

  • Pura Botanicals Desire Mist– a lovely blend of top notes, heart notes, and base notes that purify the air around me. Anytime I’m feeling anxious or cranky, I spritz this around my area to alleviate any stress. This works great as a body spray/perfume and made its way into my carry-on due to its instantly calming effects & beautiful combination of scents.
  • Pura Botanicals Botanical Bloom Essence– this toner is used before applying any serum, moisturizer, or makeup. However, one day I tried spritzing it on my face mid-day at work (with makeup and all) and noticed an instant mood change. It brightened and hydrated my face, keeping my makeup and skin looking supple. Now I use it intermittently throughout the day as an instant refresher- perfect at school or work, but even more perfect for eliminating that ‘icky’ feeling that often comes along with public places & traveling.
  • Solo Bar, Mocha Fudge I always bring a protein bar to eat right before I pass through security, to avoid being “hangry.” When traveling, I’ve noticed that a hungry Shyra, is a very unhappy Shyra, and so for the sake of my family or friends I am traveling with, I always make sure to have a snack on hand to nip any hungry feelings before they start affecting my mood.
  • A Journal, and Writing Utensil– like the effect of the Solo bar, this also has a huge impact on me when traveling. Sometimes the flight is stuffy, my row stinks, or (as I mentioned before) I have spilled my latte on my lap; instead of internalizing all that stress, I like to journal it out. Letting go of emotions that no longer serve me is one of the best ways to keep my mood balanced and in check.  And of course, journaling is an amazing way to record the journey, so it always stays close at hand…

Group # 4 – The Smart Essentials

These are to protect myself from losing luggage, or my beauty contents in my purse.

  • Papaya Art Makeup Pouch– I love Papaya Art for everything related to organizing. They offer cute designs for everyday objects that you won’t see anywhere else. This mini-makeup pouch is perfect for holding all of my condensed travelling beauty products, or I can use it as a coin purse- the possibilities are endless.
  • Papaya Art Baggage Tag– is this not the prettiest baggage tag you’ve seen? As a millennial who values both style and practicality, this baggage tag is a must-have to avoid landing in your destination with no luggage to be found.

All in all, these may not be your favourite selection of products, but these are my travelling essentials that I would never leave home without.

shyra r.
shyra r.
Shyra is trying to find her way in life, continuously trying new things and figuring all of this "adult stuff" out. Currently, she likes to spend her time either hiking or snowboarding in the mountains, sipping almond milk lattes, and trying new wholesome recipes.

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