DIY Charts

February 9, 2009

Basic Blending Proportions

February 8, 2009

Measurement Charts

February 8, 2009
Tea Steeping Chart

Tea Brewing Guide

February 8, 2009

Our Guide to Hydrosols and Aromatic Waters

When shopping for Hydrosols and Floral Waters, finding a high-quality source is crucial for ensuring you are getting all of the benefits from the product. At Kolya Naturals, we have sourced the following high-quality Hydrosols: Holy Basil Lavender Floral Tonique (our combination hydrosol: rose geranium, lavender and lemon verbena) Helichrysum Neroli Lemon Balm Roman Chamomile Rose Rose Geranium Rosemary Sandalwood (considered a botanical water) Sweetgrass Witch […]
February 8, 2009

Our Guide to Carrier Oils, Powders & Waxes

February 8, 2009

Our Guide to Essential Oils

Kolya Naturals has researched essential oils for many years, and here is our guide to using essential oils for both medicinal and aromatherapeutic purposes.