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Kolya Naturals

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DIY Sun Nourishment
Servings Prep Time
160 mL Glass Jar



  1. With a spatula, add the shea butter to a medium mixing bowl and whip until it become pliable and smooth.
  2. Add the Sun Oil and and vitamin E and continue to whip until fluffy. Then add the zinc oxide and mix well, it will begin to thicken.
  3. Finally, add the essential oils and continue to mix until well blended.
  4. Pour into the glass jar, label, and enjoy.


This DIY Sun Nourishment is best applied by massaging into the skin and on any skin that will be exposed to the elements. It is great on the face and body, hydrating the skin as the zinc oxide helps to reflect the sun. This mineral sun-aid must be applied frequently if spending the day outdoors.

Please note, there is NO SPF rating on this product.