Apothecary, Natural Skincare Boutique & Spa

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” —Kahlil Gibran

Sometimes the world feels too busy, too hurried. We’re multi-tasking and managing inboxes when what we really crave is a bit of calm, a patch of peace. And beauty. Exquisite beauty.

If you’re like us, you’re feeling a quiet call to reconnect with the natural world. To indulge in sacred pleasures – like our great-ancestors before us did. To savour the spray of rose water, or the glisten of organic oil on skin, or the joy of hand-grinding fragrant herbs. This is what we do.

Welcome to Kolya Naturals

KOLYA NATURALS is a natural skincare boutique, apothecary, learning kitchen and spa in Edmonton, Alberta. We founded this special place based on a passion for herbs, flowers, natural scents… and the pleasure and pampering that come from learning how to play with them.

In the boutique, we are sometimes accused of being purists and natural skincare junkies, who unapologetically and continually seek out new and amazing beauty products.  We line our shelves with the most pure skincare collections and raw ingredients we can find.  What that means for our customers is that you can always come back and find new botanical treasures with us.  We are committed to care that is not only wholesome and healthful, but truly effective in treating and caring for the skin. We believe in nourishing the body and the skin…from within.

Those of us in the apothecary delight in gathering the plants as close to nature as we can find them.  We offer botanical classes and seminars, teaching people how to handcraft skincare and herbal remedies. Earths Aromatiqueour line of raw ingredients from nature, are used in these classes – herbs, essential oils, roots, berries, botanical butters, plant waxes, carrier oils and more. And these pure ingredients – contents that echo what was once found in the European apothecaries of antiquity – are what line our shelves too. The Apothecary is about bringing the old knowledge of plant medicine back into the home, while respecting the earth that so freely provides.

We invite you to explore our classes, shop by phone for raw ingredients or favourite skincare lines, or read more about us.