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Our Guide to Hydrosols, Botanical and Aromatic Waters – Kolya Naturals
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Our Guide to Hydrosols, Botanical and Aromatic Waters

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A hydrosol is the aqueous solution of the steam or hydro distillation of a plant, often while making essential oils. Made from pure spring water and organic plant materials harvested the very day they are distilled ~ these water contains the integrity of minerals and nutrients from the fresh plant in every single drop. These are exquisitely supportive and gentle healing waters.

HydrosolPrinciple Skin Care Uses
Bay LeafMouthwash/gargle for throat infections, gingivitis.
CalendulaAstringent, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, lymphatic stimulant.
Chamomile - GermanMost anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiseptic, skin irritations, eczema, psoriasis, couperose, babies & kids.
Chamomile - RomanAnti-inflammatory, relaxant, good for babies & kids, eye and skin care.
CornflowerSoothes tired eyes, itchy or inflamed eyes.
FrankincenseRelaxing, nervine, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, chemo-preventive, respiratory.
Floral ToniqueOur combination hydrosol: rose geranium, lavender and lemon verbena. Anti-inflammatory, calming and hydrating. Meant for all skin types.
Immortelle (Helichrysum)Extremely healing, delicate skin, helps scar tissue, couperose, inflamed, irritated, and rosacea; dental care. Drying, best not to use long-term on dry skin.
Holy BasilRejuvenating, calming and restorative. A great toner for oily and acneic skin conditions.
LavenderAntiseptic, skin healing, softening.
Lemon VerbenaCalming to mind, body and spirit.
Lemon Balm (Melissa)Insomnia, anxiety, tension, relaxes mind and body.
LindenSoothing & draining effect for skin, hypersensitive skin.
MyrtleGood for eye wash and for all over skin care. Soothes irritations, relieves fatigue, refreshing, reviving.
Neroli (Orange Blossom)Relaxing, soothing for dry skin, deative, toning, relaxes caffeine jitters (taken internally). Sensitive, delicate and soothing. Purifies and tones oily skin, best not to use long-term on dry skin.
PeppermintRefreshing lotion, headache, sunburn.
RoseTones and regenerates mature skin, beverage, balances.
Rose GeraniumBalancing, attracts moisture, anti-inflammatory and cooling.
RosemaryPurifies and tones oily skin, scalp massage, acne.
SageAnti-oxidant, circulation (avoid if hypertensive).
SandalwoodAcne, rosacea, eczema, preserves skin, promotes healing.
SweetgrassSmudge where smoke is not allowed, relaxing.
Tea TreeAntimicrobial, acneic skin, mouth wash & dental care, foot spray.
Witch HazelAstringent, good aftershave lotion.
YarrowAnti-inflammatory, astringent, heals skin, excellent for eczema.

For educational purposes only. We recommend further research whenever trying something new. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure, or prevent any disease.

When shopping for Hydrosols and Floral Waters, finding a high-quality source is crucial for ensuring you are getting all of the benefits from the product. At Kolya Naturals, we have sourced the following high-quality Hydrosols:

  • Holy Basil
  • Lavender
  • Floral Tonique (our combination hydrosol)
  • Helichrysum
  • Neroli
  • Lemon Balm
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Rose
  • Rose Geranium
  • Rosemary
  • Sandalwood (considered a botanical water)
  • Sweetgrass
  • Witch hazel

Find all of your DIY needs at our botanical apothecary! 

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We are a botanical apothecary, skincare boutique, and organic spa that celebrates everything that is natural and pure. Our shelves are stocked with beautiful toners, creams and serums, as well as dried herbs, essential oils, botanical butters and clays. At every turn, we seek to elegantly balance the efficacy of Science with the nourishment and art of Nature.

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