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Tea Brewing Guide

Tea Steeping Chart
Tea TypeQuantity Per 6ozWaterTemp F/CSteeping Time (minutes)# of Infusions
Black1 tspBoiling208°/98°3-62-3
Green1 tspJust under boil175°/80°2-34-6
White1 tspJust under boil175°/80°2-33
Rooibos1 tspBoiling208°/98°4-62
Mate1 tspJust under boil175°/80°3-6Varies
Herbal1.5 tspBoiling208°/98°5+Varies
Medicinal1.5 tspBoiling208°/98°5+Varies

For educational purposes only. We recommend further research whenever trying something new. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure, or prevent any disease.

We are a botanical apothecary, skincare boutique, and organic spa that celebrates everything that is natural and pure. Our shelves are stocked with beautiful toners, creams and serums, as well as dried herbs, essential oils, botanical butters and clays. At every turn, we seek to elegantly balance the efficacy of Science with the nourishment and art of Nature.

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