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Sarah S.

Sarah S. | Kolya Naturals, Canada
Sarah S. | Kolya Naturals, Canada


Personality Type (take the test:
INFP- the mediator.

Where you’ll find me
Either giving out natural skin care advice on our Kolya floor or in one of our treatments rooms pampering clients with one of our many lovely all encompassing treatments.

Best beauty advice I’ve received (and followed)
As simple as it is, the best advice I’ve gotten and stuck to was from my mom when I was a young girl. She always stressed the importance of washing your face, morning and night, followed by a moisturizer- and not to forget to include the neck!

Best health advice I’ve received (and followed)
Everything in moderation and balance. Don’t deny yourself simple pleasures but remember to fully enjoy them without having to over indulge. Also, don’t take life too seriously. I find that there are few things a good belly laugh can’t help.

Daily mantra
The happiest people I know are not those who are beautiful, rich or famous. The happiest people I see are simply those who stay cheerful and try to cheer others up while getting through their own bad stuff.

My favourites

  1. I LOVE Tata! The Regenerating Cleanser in particular. This creamy nourishing cleanser delivers enough physical and enzymatic exfoliation to my skin without stripping my natural oils and is gentle enough to use daily. Perfect for my skin in the Summer when I’m more active but need protection from the Sun and other elements.
  2. As I mentioned before, I have always battled with my dry skin. So when the winter months start setting in as well as my “lizard skin”, Living Libations Rose Glow Creme is such a beautiful treat for my skin! It’s rich and nourishing without being too heavy due to the Aloe vera content. Also, the intoxicating rose scent and ingredients soothes any dry, irritated skin. It’s a win win in my books!
  3. It’s hard to pick just one of Eminence’s hot masks as a favorite, but I find I always return to the Eight Greens Phyto Mask (hot). It delivers the right amount of detoxification to my skin, while still promoting elasticity and hydration. It’s brilliant formula also provides plant sourced phytoestrogens that combat any annoying hormonal breakouts.

Favourite way to nourish your skin from within
I have a very dry constitution so nourishing from the inside out is very important for me, especially in Alberta winters. I like to take a bunch of different types of oils internally such as Borage, Seabuckthorn, Fish Oils and Vitamin E, as well as incorporating different oils into my diet such as coconut and flax. Also a lot of H2O!

Don’t tell anyone, but…
I’m known to be a crazy cat lady and may even have a small cat tattoo to really represent my feline love!

Favourite plant or flower
Lilacs because they remind me of growing up, and they also grow in abundance in spring so you can fill your house and enjoy their scent all day long!

Most creative way I’ve solved a beauty issue in a pinch
When I’m at the very bitter end of my mascara tube and don’t have time to get another I will mix in a little coconut oil  to get one or two more applications.

Learning / Education / Experience

  • I have been with the company since 2013.
  • Graduated with a diploma at Grant MacEwan from their Holistic Practitioner program.
  • Certificates in class 2 Reiki, Herbology, Acupressure and Reflexology.
  • Certificate as a qualified Alexandria Body Sugaring Practitioner.
  • Training under Dr. Hauschka.
We are a botanical apothecary, skincare boutique, and organic spa that celebrates everything that is natural and pure. Our shelves are stocked with beautiful toners, creams and serums, as well as dried herbs, essential oils, botanical butters and clays. At every turn, we seek to elegantly balance the efficacy of Science with the nourishment and art of Nature.

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