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Nicola B.

Nicola B
Nicola B

Leo (Sag rising, Pisces moon)

Where you’ll find me
Dancing between my computer, my staff mates, my kids and the plants. Kolya Naturals is my baby.

Best health advice I’ve received (and followed)
Walk the middle path. Don’t do anything too extreme and your body will love you for it.

Best beauty advice I’ve received (and followed)
Use only a cleanser and toner at night. I was told that when we use a night cream, our sebaceous glands get lazy. (I will, however use a light moisturizer in the depths of an Edmonton winter, where the air is so, so dry).

Favourite way to nourish my skin from within
Cod Liver Oil & Collagen

Daily mantra
Find your bliss. (Thank you, Joseph Campbell)

My favourites

  1. Helena Lane’s Jojoba and Calendula Cleanser — Can’t, and won’t, live without it.
  2. Beeswax & Fir Absolute — I have never been so taken by scent as I am with these; their aromas are intoxicating.
  3. OptiCalm — sometimes life gets a bit much, and this product soothes any feelings of anxiety and overwhelm I may experience.

Favourite Essential Oil Combination
Grand Fir, Clementine and Cypress

Don’t tell anyone, but…
I love hand-made footwear with unique angles and great soles.

Favourite plant or flower
Moss & Cedar – I know, I know, it’s two, but they often hang out together.

Learning / Education / Experience

  • I have been studying, and working with natural health and healing since 1994.
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology (concentrating on cultural medicine) from the U of A.
  • Certified in Massage Therapy from Grant MacEwan Community College.
  • Diploma in Plant Spirit Medicine from Northern Star College of Mystical Studies.
  • Diploma in Intuitive Counselling from Northern Star College of Mystical Studies.
  • Apprenticed under Rosemary Gladstar in her program “The Science & Art of Herbalism” at Sage Mountain.
  • Level II certificate from Aftelier Perfumes, studying under renowned natural perfumer, Mandy Aftel.
  • Various workshops and courses in herbal studies, aromatherapy, hydrosols and skincare crafting.
We are a botanical apothecary, skincare boutique, and organic spa that celebrates everything that is natural and pure. Our shelves are stocked with beautiful toners, creams and serums, as well as dried herbs, essential oils, botanical butters and clays. At every turn, we seek to elegantly balance the efficacy of Science with the nourishment and art of Nature.

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