Unique Gifts for Winter Wellness

Gifts for the Tea Enthusiast

We know you want to give gifts of wellness to your loved ones over the holiday season, so we’ve compiled a list of our favourite gift ideas for the herbalist, beauty aficionado, teacher, and more…

Gifts for a Winter Glow

For a Winter Glow

Gifts for the Beauty Aficionado

For the Beauty Aficionado

Gifts for the Teacher

For the Teacher

Gifts for the Health Nut

For the Health Nut

  • Level Up Superfood, Cinnamon Coffee Mix; an upgrade to bulletproof coffee, an organic coconut oil that replaces creamer/milk in your coffee 
  • SmartSweets, Low-Sugar Gummies; chewy gummy bears that are full of juicy, fruity flavour (kick sugar, naturally)
  • Coconut Bars, Dried Fruit, Dark Chocolate; to snack on, without the guilt… 
  • Opti Iso-Whey Powder; for an easy everyday source of protein
  • Bee-Immune; to maintain health and immune function
  • Dandy Blend; the best herbal coffee substitute
Gifts for the Host

For the Hosts

  • Kolya Naturals, Foaming Hand Soap; a beautiful DIY gift, with a personal touch
  • Salt Lamp; adds a warm and peaceful glow to any room
  • Galerie au Chocolat, Mint Crisp Dark Chocolate; because who doesn’t love chocolate?
Gifts for the DIYer

For the DIY’er

Gifts for the Tea Enthusiast

For the Tea Enthusiast

Gifts for the Fitness Lover

For the Fitness Lover

Gifts for the Herbalist

For the Herbalist

  • Dry Herbs (and other botanical ingredients); to extend their at-home apothecary goodies
  • Essential Oil Diffuser; for ambient and aromatic pleasure
  • Herb & Recipe Books; for inspiring recipes and to further herbal knowledge

And, if you are looking to create botanical gifts for your friends and loved ones, check out our favourite DIY recipes for gifting:

Recipes for DIY Gift Giving | Kolya Naturals, Canada
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