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Thieves Essential Oil Blend: 5 Legendary Essential Oils

Thieves Essential Oil | Kolya Naturals, Canada

With the natural world outside now having gone to sleep for the winter ahead, this time of year brings the sounds and warmth of crackling fireplaces, the comfort of steaming mugs of tea, the scents of aromatic oils diffusing, and hopefully some moments of quiet contemplation. It also, notoriously, brings with it – the cold and flu season.

Recently an essential oil blend (once known as the Four Thieves) has been gaining popularity for its beneficial support to get our families and ourselves through the cold and flu season. Many have used the four thieves essential oil blend with great success year after year.

Thieves Essential Oil | Kolya Naturals, Canada

Tales of the Four Thieves

The inspiration for this blend came out of the historical epidemic known as the Bubonic Plague from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century. One of the tales goes like this: four thieves from Marseille, France would rob the afflicted victims of the plague and would walk away unscathed. By using a blend of herbs and spices infused in vinegar, the thieves would have doused themselves with this medicated vinegar before they went up to their victims of the Black Death robbing them of any valuable belongings. This botanical combination was also said to have been used by the doctors of the plague, who placed the herb-infused vinegar inside their bizarre masks of the time and also rubbed it on their bodies and clothes.

Interestingly, there is a possible twist to this story; a man named Richard Forthave made a preparation of a botanical-infused vinegar that had become popular during this time. This preparation was known as Forthave’s Vinegar and over time the name and story were possibly morphed into the Four Thieves. There is also mention that the original recipe for this vinegar was posted on the walls in Marseille during the outbreak. (note: there are many different versions regarding the four thieves)

Description of the five “thieves essential oil blend”

Today, most “five thieves” preparations available are essential oil blends consisting of various combinations of clove, lemon, cinnamon, rosemary and eucalyptus. Essential oils are highly concentrated plant constituents possessing potent medicinal properties.

Clove is used for respiratory problems ranging from asthma to bronchitis; it is also a strong disinfectant, analgesic and is antibacterial.
Lemon aids the body against infectious illnesses and boosts the immune system. It is a powerful antiseptic and is also used for respiratory illnesses and feverish conditions.
Cinnamon is a strong antiseptic; it has a tonic effect on the respiratory system, and is indicated for influenza and viral infections.
Rosemary is a tonic for the lungs and can help with colds, asthma, and chronic bronchitis.
Eucalyptus radiata is well known for its respiratory support in helping aid and clear throat infections, coughs, asthma and sinusitis.

This powerful blend of essential oil is a potent aid for:

  • Strengthening and toning the immune system
  • Deterring sinus infections
  • Uplifting to the mind, aiding focus and concentration
  • Alleviating headaches and muscle aches
  • Supporting healthy lung function

We have our tried and true Thieves Essential Oil Combination that we love to make for the Holiday season.

Find the Recipe and make it at home.

A few suggested uses for the many Thieves Essential Oil Blends found in our Botanical Apothecary:

  1. Room Diffuser: add 3-5 drops in your favourite room diffuser and let it clean the air.
  2. Room Spray: To make a room spray, add 20 – 30 drops of our Thieves Essential Oil Blend into 60 mL of water. Then add a healthy splash of vodka/gin/Everclear, to help emulsify the oils in water. To use, shake the bottle well and spray throughout the room.
  3. The Body: As a rub for the chest and upper back for relieving coughs, and to the bottom of the feet to support the immune system, add 10 to 20 drops to a 30ml bottle of carrier oil (like sesame seed oil which is anti-inflammatory).
  4. House Cleaning: Add it to natural household cleaning recipes and hand soaps to get the most out of this natural antibacterial multi-use blend. (Warning: Do not ingest; clove & eucalyptus are strong irritants, direct skin contact may lead to sensitization – read our Essential Oils Disclaimer for more information.)

Thieves Essential Oil | Kolya Naturals, Canada

Interested in making up an effective all natural hand soap using the Thieves Essential Oil Blend?  Find the Recipe for our Thieves Hand Soap here. Stop by our 109 st location to grab all of the ingredients you need for the Thieves Foaming Hand Soap.

If you enjoy making your own herbal remedies through recipes, information, classes or seminars then come join us at Kolya Naturals. Learn how to make new recipes to aid you through this winter healthy and inspired – learn more about our DIY Classes here!

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alecia s.
Alecia has been inspired and fascinated with nature since a young age. She has worked directly with plants for over two decades... from growing them in gardens to enjoying them as food, and regularly using them as medicine. During this time she has been making herbal products for health and wellness and discovered she really loved inspiring and teaching others the ease of making handmade and homegrown products. She has studied and been inspired by herbalists like Rosemary Gladstar, Robert Rodgers, Beverly Gray, Jeanne Rose as well as other local herbalists and horticulturalists.

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