Nourishing Rosehip Herbal-Jello for Seasonal & Joint Wellness

Nourishing Rosehip Herbal-Jello | Kolya Naturals, Canada

Remember Jell-O? The wiggling wonder? Many of our mothers and grandmothers may still have old Jell-O-brand cookbooks hidden in storage or tucked away on a forgotten shelf, as their distribution in the early 20th century alongside the advent of refrigeration saw an explosion in the popularity of gelatin-based recipes up until the 60’s. Back then, it was a revolutionary invention, perfect for moms-on-the-go and marketed as a healthful prepackaged product. Since then we’ve come to associate gelatin with depressing cafeteria menus and vintage aspic dishes with truly icky additives (cheese & lime seafood salad, anyone?)

Nostalgia prevails. It still graces our tables as special-occasion treats. We love the trifles, no-bake cakes, and multi-coloured fruit rings as jiggly just-desserts. Indeed, gelatin contains collagen, and research conducted in the 2018 International Journal of Sport Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism found that collagen supplementation may aid in connective tissue health. Studies published in the American Journal for Clinical Nutrition found that Vitamin C-enriched gelatin successfully improved collagen synthesis. In other words, it was found to be beneficial in both injury prevention and tissue repair. In beauty, preliminary studies show promising results on its consumption for hair, skin, and nail health. We still don’t know if collagen is the miracle cure to ageing (though research is looking good), but with its known beneficial roles in joint function and pain relief, there’s no harm in that extra helping.

Vitamin C, too, is an essential vitamin crucial for the maintenance of our health. Though studies have proven that Vitamin C will not cure the common cold, it does reduce its severity and duration. It’s famed for its ability to strengthen the capillaries, connective tissues, and antioxidant potential. Rosehips are rich in this vitamin and full of the bioflavonoids that enhance it. Rosehips have a tart apricot-like flavour that compliment winter-seasonal flavours such as apple and cranberry.

Winter is setting in and the holidays are fast-approaching. We’re attending soirees, family dinners, and doing our best to stave-off winter sniffles. Many of us wish to supplement our nutrition from naturally-derived sources, but we may also be suckers for sweets, and that’s okay. We can eat our medicine and like it too. Here’s a modern take on an old-school classic. Organic rosehip and fresh fruit pack that nutritious punch, and apple juice and fresh-brewed Earth’s Aromatique Autumn-Cranberry Tea adds just enough sweetness and holiday flavours. No added sugar, dye, or Spam required.

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