Botanical Gifts for Mom

For those of us who appreciate some extra guidance with gift ideas, here is a short list of thoughtful botanical gifts of appreciation for all those wonderful moms of ours!

Bauxo | Kolya Naturals, Canada

Ethically Made Jewelry

All of the jewelry at Kolya Naturals is ethically made and sustainably sourced, making our pieces perfect for conscious gifting.

Save 15% off all jewelry on our online shop and see what else is on sale!

Order sooner than later to ensure your package arrives on time for Mother’s Day and enjoy free shipping on Canadian orders $89+.

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Kolya Naturals Artisan Tea | Kolya Naturals, Canada

Artisan Teas

Grab the lady you love an artisanal tea from our botanical apothecary. There are over 40 pure loose-leaf tea’s to choose from, made with herbs, teas, and natural flavourings. We offer a handpicked collection of black, rooibos, herbal, medicinal, oolong, green and white teas, so rest assured – there is something for everyone.

Until May 15, save 20% off all Earth’s Aromatique Artisan Teas.

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See our Tea Menu here. 

Time Together / Handmade Gifts

Perhaps you’re looking at crafting a skin care product for your mom? Come join us in our Make Your Own Wild Raspberry Body Scrub class coming up right before Mother’s Day. This is a 30-minute class where one of our Botanical Instructors will teach you how to make your own body scrub and you’ll take home a full-size product for your mom (or yourself) to enjoy for only $12.95!

Learn More & Sign Up.

If May doesn’t work, perhaps try a class together, where you can hand craft your own products from high quality and ethically sourced ingredients.

See our Upcoming DIY Classes.

Cheeky Bee Beeswax Candles | Kolya Naturals, Canada

Cheeky Bee Candles

These offer a warm glow creating a relaxing atmosphere, and pair nicely with bath salts to make for a peaceful soak in the tub.

Shop Cheeky Bee Candles in our Botanical Apothecary or online.

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Floral Water

On the note of having beautiful skin, our new organic hydrosols are not something to just be misted around. From toning and balancing to healing and clearing, our unique line of Earth’s Aromatique Hydrosols are greatly effective for all types of skincare. 

These steam distilled plant extracts can be misted on the skin straight from the bottle, or further crafted into other skin care products.

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Herbal Knowledge | Kolya Naturals, Canada

Herbal Knowledge

For the gardening moms in our life, we have the perfect array of herbal plant books that are great additions to any library (and may even inspire us to get outside and help mom in the garden this spring)!

Until May 31, save 25% off ALL books in our Botanical Apothecary and Skincare Boutique.

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This should help get you started and inspired; remind mom that she is important and appreciated this Mother’s Day.


From ours to yours,
Have a beautiful Mother’s Day!
Alecia, from the botanical apothecary.

alecia s.
alecia s.
Alecia has been inspired and fascinated with nature since a young age. She has worked directly with plants for over two decades... from growing them in gardens to enjoying them as food, and regularly using them as medicine. During this time she has been making herbal products for health and wellness and discovered she really loved inspiring and teaching others the ease of making handmade and homegrown products. She has studied and been inspired by herbalists like Rosemary Gladstar, Robert Rodgers, Beverly Gray, Jeanne Rose as well as other local herbalists and horticulturalists.

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