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Seven Steps to Be Your Own Valentine

Communion Botanicals Gua Sha | Kolya Naturals, Canada

While it’s always important to show compassion and support to those we cherish, oftentimes we neglect to show that same love to ourselves. A mindful day of self-care is not selfish: appreciating ourselves is the best way to boost our ability to love others. Throughout the month of February, we’re challenging you to be your own Valentine. Make yourself a priority. Here are seven lovely self-care tips for yourself, today and every day…


Check Yourself

Try to wake up ten-to-fifteen minutes earlier than usual. Whether you stay cozied up in bed or not, take this time to “check in” with yourself both mentally and physically. As we carry much of our stress and tension in the neck and shoulders, circle your neck, shrug your shoulders, or do your best impression of a cat and stretch out your entire body.

Releasing tightness in muscles feels wonderful in the short term, and in the long term may ease your overall comfort and health. You can use this opportunity to dry brush or apply moisturizing oils all over your body. Zero in on the places you hold stress and take a moment to appreciate your body for all its beautiful imperfections.

Dry Brush with the Max & Me Circle of Protection Body Oil

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Max and Me Circle of Protection Body Oil | Kolya Naturals, Canada



Mind Yourself

Our thoughts are more powerful than we think: and we don’t need to be meditation gurus to practice mindfulness every day. Breathe deep. Slow down. While waiting for tea or coffee to brew, for example, one might practice meditation. This is a fantastic way to settle down and clear your mind. Invite gratitude, love, and light into your everyday life. Reflect on the people and things you’re grateful for, and open yourself up to receiving blessings and joy.

Add some loving kindness to your day. When you are open to love, you’re more likely to receive it in turn. We can create a relaxing space by finding a natural scent that evokes joy. Envelop yourself in the aromas and breathe deeply. Slow down. This moment is for you.

To invite love in, we like to use Om Organics roll-on perfume, Amour, or Earth’s Aromatique Rose Hydrosol.


Pour Yourself

A hot, delicious beverage is just what the Cupid ordered. Throw yourself a tea party: enjoy the quiet company of a book, journal, or simply “me, myself, and I.” A cup of tea whose flavour you really love can create an instant sense of comfort.

We like our Creamy Earl Grey to get our day started, or our herbal favourite, Provence, when we prefer non-caffeinated. We like to steep our loose-leaf tea in our sustainably made Tea Sock. Over a fresh, steaming cup, we take a deep breath, clear our minds, and luxuriate in a few precious moments of self-care.


Earth's Aromatique Creamy Earl Grey Tea | Kolya Naturals, Canada



Express Yourself

Break out a journal. Reflect on your day and think about how you’re feeling. Whatever it is you like to do, journaling, painting, singing, cooking, or impressionist baton twirling, focus your feelings into something creative. Did something wonderful happen today? Throw colours onto a canvas that evoke that moment. Did something stressful happen? Belt it out as a tune, or get those thoughts out onto paper while learning something new.

At Kolya, some of us invoke creativity with the calligraphy practice pad from Written Word Calligraphy.

Addressing positive (or negative) emotions in a creative way is a healthy method of coping rather than suppressing. Through reflection, we may begin to view the feeling differently. If you’re not the artsy type, that’s okay. Express your energy by taking a walk and bask in the sun, because a little Vitamin D can do wonders. If it’s chilly outside, bundle up, and take some hot cocoa to go with the Soma double-walled ceramic travel mug.


Written Word Calligraphy | Kolya Naturals, Canada



Unplug Yourself

It’s time to recalibrate. If you’re perpetually focused on others, you might consistently feel a little bit overwhelmed. Look away from that to-do list for a while. Eliminate distractions: silence or switch off electronics, including your phone, or utilize one of the countless apps that help you take some off-time. Shutting off smartphones and electronics for as little as half an hour can reduce the static in your mind and help you unwind smoothly.

A classic option is an old-fashioned spa evening. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Play calming music. Turn off overhead lights in favour of an all-natural candle, and take a bath whilst enjoying a chapter (or two) of a new book.

Our latest bath time obsession are the Bath Crush’s from Bathorium.

Afterwards, linger in your towel, favourite nightwear, or bare-all. It is important to embrace the wellness practices that you rarely allow for yourself. Luxuriate in doing nothing at all.

Take this time to apply the Living Libations Petal Passion Yoni Serum, an intimate oil to attend to delicate tissues.


Bathorium Bath Crush | Kolya Naturals, Canada



Appreciate Yourself

Look in the mirror. Don’t just glance, but really look. The curves to your features, the sparkle in your eyes, and the warmth of your skin are just a few of the countless wonderful things that make up you.

Too often, we look at ourselves with judgement, and only see what we want to change. Remind yourself that this face, with all of its flaws, quirks, and beautiful characteristics, is loved by your friends, family, furry companions, and yes, even strangers. Try to see yourself not as you do, but as they do: a wonderful, human, beautiful you.

Enhance your natural hues with Jane Iredale’s Just Kissed Cheek & Lip Stain and stimulate circulation with the Lavigne Facial Massage Roller or Communion Botanicals Gua Sha Facial Tool.


Communion Botanicals Gua Sha | Kolya Naturals, Canada



Treat Yourself

Is there a new film you wish to see? A class you’ve wanted to take, a restaurant to try out, or a gallery to visit? Don’t wait for someone else to go with you. Your own company is the sweetest of all. Treat yourself to a new experience.

Kolya’s newest feature spa offering has to be one of our favourites yet: The Intuitive Max and Me Experience goes beyond a mere facial. This whole-body treatment harnesses the deeply nourishing goodness of the Max and Me luxury line while paying special attention to meridian lines and acupressure points across the face, hands, and feet.

View our spa treatments and book online.


Valentine’s Day is about celebrating connections. Whether it’s with your significant other, children, family, or friends, this is a time to open our hearts to feelings of love and appreciation. Don’t forget, though, that the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.

When you learn to love yourself, you may find a greater capacity with which to love others. What steps are you taking to be your own Valentine? How will you make this day your day?

This February, make time for the simple acts of self-care that make you feel beloved…

samantha g.
samantha g.
Samantha is an avid gardener, silly cat person, and bath & body formulation geek. She has been with Kolya since early 2017 and wholeheartedly believes in magic.

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