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Kelly B.


Personality type (take the test:
ESFJ – The Consul

Where you’ll find me
Sharing my passion of all our beautiful products with our customers in Kolya!

Best beauty advice I’ve received (and followed)
“Always wash your face before bed!” – my mom.

Best health advice I’ve received (and followed)
“Always be your authentic self!” – my best friend. I’ve struggled with anxiety most of my life and have learned to cope and keep moving forward thanks to a lot of soul searching and plenty of love and support!

Daily mantra
Kindness matters!

My favourites

  1. Living Libations – Frankincense Best Skin Ever, This stuff does it all! Cleanses (thank you to my Kolya family for introducing me to the wonder of oil cleansing!), exfoliates, moisturizes and nourishes. It’s my desert island product, and it smells heavenly!
  2. Anything by Helena Lane!  My current favourite is her amazing Green Tea and Blue Algae Soothing Oat Mask – this beauty transforms from a powder to a lovely teal colour when mixed with water! It’s soothing, cooling and anti-inflammatory and completely nourishes my sensitive reactive skin! I simply must meet Helena as she is my skincare hero!!
  3. Max & Me – Enchanted Face Oil (and pretty much everything else in this incredible line!) I rub a few drops into my palms and inhale the precious energies of this wondrous concoction before blending over my face, neck and eye area… ahhhhhhhhh!

Favourite way to nourish my skin from within
Brewing a big mug of tea (such as our Creamy Earl Grey… yum!!), drawing a bath and tossing in a Vanilla CB2 bath bomb (heaven!), and mixing up one of my Helena Lane face masks and slathering it on before I jump in the tub! In addition to my daily Opti supplements (BroccoGen 10, Opti Elite Probiotics, Natural Factors Mega Halibut Liver Oil and more), oil cleansing, water and workout session, of course!

Don’t tell anyone, but…
I’m an avid boxer and weight lifter! I own more than 300 workout videos/DVD’s and have been working out at home for 30 years!

Most creative way I’ve solved a beauty issue in a pinch
When in doubt, I use coconut oil for anything! I’ve used it when out of moisturizer, for eczema around the eyes, added to baking soda for a face scrub, to tame hair frizziness and add shine!

Favourite plant/flower
Tiger Lillies!!!

Learning / education / experience

  • I’ve been in the Opti/Kolya family since May 2019
  • I worked in cosmetics for six years prior to my time with the company
  • I have an Accounting Diploma from Grant MacEwan
  • I have my Grade 10 Royal Conservatory in Piano

I’m a huge fan of healing the body from within and have maintained a healthy lifestyle all of my adult life… Thanks in large part to the influence of my mom. She taught me the importance of regular exercise and eating well, plus introduced me to nutritional supplements. I know my strong immune system is a direct result of that! I am so proud to be a part of the Optimum Health Family!

We are a botanical apothecary, skincare boutique, and organic spa that celebrates everything that is natural and pure. Our shelves are stocked with beautiful toners, creams and serums, as well as dried herbs, essential oils, botanical butters and clays. At every turn, we seek to elegantly balance the efficacy of Science with the nourishment and art of Nature.

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